Making a Storymap

Put your embed code between the two ,p.

Go to Choose make a storymap. You can upload jpeg files to the storymap directly, or you can find images on the web and right click to go to “open image in new tab” and copy the URL to paste into the space in storymap. Make sure that you cite the location from which you obtained your photo. It is possible to do a search on the web for non copyrighted images, and there is a place called unsplash that has many. Always give credit to the photographer.

The special feature of storymap is that in the space at the top of the page, on the map, you enter a place. I put Paris, France on the first slide (not the title slide, the next one) because that is where I was born (I left when I was 3 months old, no I do not speak French). Then the next slide is Berkeley, California. Etc. If you have actual street addresses, you can put those in directly. 2229 Marin Avenue, Berkeley, for example.

When you are done, select the “publish” button, and then share. Copy the embed code on the share option (you may have to scroll down to see this).

Now go to your wordpress website. I suggest you make a page rather than a post. New page, then begin writing a sentence. Select the three dots at the top of the bock and convert to html. Paste in your embed code between the two ps. You do not need to know html code to do this, I certainly do not know it.

The reason for making a page is that you can make the page width larger, and that is often a good idea for displaying storymaps properly.

Author: Marie Christine Duggan

Marie Christine Duggan has taught at Keene State College since 2000. She thinks students and ideas are the best part of teaching. She wonders how humans modify the way markets work by the institutions we create.

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