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The highlight of our research together may well be your audio interview with a member of Keene’s community. Consider the following which explains how ABtech got started around 1997:

Bill Abbott speaks in 2019 to Virginia Van Zandt, Puja Thapa and Lindsay Ljungberg.

Pneumo Precision–one of their largest customers was a company called Federal Products in Rhodes Island, and they used Pneumo’s air bearing in their roundness gauge that they sold, mainly domestically; and so Ken [Abbott] knew them, traveled down to see them, designed a lot of special machines for them, and at some point–well, Precitech–Don [Brehm] sold the company to Taylor Hobson in England, and that was another company that made air bearings, and was a competitor of Federal Products, so Federal Products needed a source of air bearings, they did not want to continue to buy them from a competitor. and so one of the fellows that he got to know through the engineering department, called up Ken and said basically, “What would it take for you to make air bearings and sell them to us?”

Bill Abbott, retired comptroller from Pneumo Precision and father of Ken Abbott, 2019.
Bill Abbott 2019 explains how Federal Products pushed Ken Abbott to start his company in 1997. Interview by Virginia Van Zandt, Lindsay Ljungbert, and Puja Thapa.

Download the program audacity (https://www.audacityteam.org/download/) which we will use to make selections for you to upload into your site. It is a good idea to make the selection only 30 seconds long, as readers have trouble focussing for longer. It is also a good idea to type out what is being said right underneath the audio, so that the reader can look visually at the words while they listen. Here is an audio snippet from an interview with Bill Abbott (father of Ken Abbott) made last year by Virginia Van Zandt, Puja Thapa, and Lindsay Ljungerg:

The on-line manual for audacity is available, here is the section on selecting and exporting audio: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/audacity_selection.html#keyboard

When you are listening, the time will flash on the screen. I make a selection by figuring out the start time and end time of my selection. You can type [ to enter the start time and ] to enter the end time, and then push space bar to listen.

It took me about an hour to select my audio, and to get my start and end times just exactly right. I found the transcript quite useful in locating what I wanted to select, and in helping me gauge where the selection was in the audio file (my selection was on page 9 of a 15 page transcript–hence i figured it would be just past half the audio file, and that helped me locate it).

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